Zwei – NEO MASQUE (Album)


Zwei – NEO MASQUE (Download)

File Size: 130MB / ZIP / (MP3/320K)

 Release (2015.08.26) / Catalog Number FVCG-1348

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New album release of Zwei unit featuring PS Vita game opening themes.

M-01~4 are new original tracks.

M-05 – PS Vita Game “Kadenz fermata//Akkord:fortissimo” Grand Opening Theme
M-06 – Situation CD “LIP ON MY PRINCE” Theme Song
M-07 – Single “Yakusoku no Augment” c/w
M-08 – PS3&Xbox360 Game “Phantom Breaker: EXTRA” Ending Theme
M-09 – Xbox 360 Game “Bullet Soul -Infinite Burst-” Opening Theme (Zwei Ver.)
M-10 – GREE Game “Meteor School Girl” Theme Song
M-11 – Xbox360 Game “DODONPACHI SAIDAIOUJOU” Ending Theme
M-12 – Single “Eigou Shinri no fermata” c/w
M-13 – PS Vita Game “ROBOTICS;NOTES ELITE” Opening Theme


2. H-A-R-D-E-R
3. STAR QUEEN -Action 2-
5. 永劫真理のフェルマータ
6. Toxxin’
7. 未知なる私
8. infinite wish
9. Brave the Sky (Zwei Ver.)
10. 流星スパイラル
11. Heading For Tomorrow
12. 恋ガレヨ
13. 約束のオーグメント


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