Yousei Teikoku – Hades: The other world 妖精帝国 (Download)

Fifth album from Yousei Teikoku featuring many anime and game themes

(MP3/320K) Release (2014.12.24)

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PD: This the “real rip” from the WAV File the file that published the December 19 is a fake for some pages . thanks to sugarcat

01 Hades:The end
02 神的創造
03 Dea×Crisis
04 昏き世界の慟哭
05 絶望plantation
06 filament
07 覚醒、冱てる魂と運命の境界線
08 神、ノゾム世界と箱庭幻想
09 Fata Morgana
10 愚かな結末
11 糸遊のしたで
12 Mischievous of Alice
13 救世Άργυρóϛ


M-02 – PC Game “fortissimo FA//Akkord:nachsten Phase” Grand Opening Theme
M-03 – PS3/PSVita Game “Super Heroine Chronicle” Opening Theme
M-04 – PC Game “fortissimo EXA//Akkord:Bsusvier” Opening Theme
M-05 – Single “filament” c/w
M-06 – TV Anime “Mirai Nikki” Ending Theme
M-07 – PS3 Game “Kamisama to Unmei Kakusei no Cross Thesis” Theme Song
M-08 – PS3 Game “Kamisama to Unmei Kakumei no Paradox” Opening Theme
M-09 – PC Game “fortissimo//Akkord:Bsusvier” Opening Theme
M-11 – PS3/PSVita Game “Super Heroine Chronicle” Ending Theme
M-12 – PSP Game “Queen’s Gate ~Spiral Chaos~” Opening Theme
M-13 – TV Anime “Tokyo ESP” Ending Theme