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Wotamin (ヲタみん) is a well known utaite.

She has a well balanced range and a solid voice, as she can hit both relatively high and low notes.

Occasionally, she also covers non-VOCALOID songs. She once covered a song in English, “Everytime” by Britney Spears, and her English pronunciation has been noted to be quite clear.

Her most viewed cover is of “Nisoku Hokou” with more than 908K views as of October 2013.



1st Album – Eternal Voice


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2nd Album Ambitious Voice





[Download] ANFLA – Unlimited

First album release of vocaloid ANFLA featuring nico nico doga girl characters Kakichoco, Vivienna, Wotamin


Trackist :
01.FlatterEcho / ALL Members  (オリジナル)
02.恋爱フィロソフィア / ALL Members (カバー)
03.Sweet Torturer / ヲタみん (オリジナル)
04.Overdriver / ALL Members feat.バル (オリジナル)
05.Child’s Garden / びびあん・ヲタみん (カバー)
06.Gretel / ALL Members (オリジナル)
07.ドリームワールド / びびあん (オリジナル)
08.Huckleberry / ALL Members (オリジナル)
09.ガラクタ少女 / 柿チョコ・ヲタみん (カバー)
10.侵蚀 / 柿チョコ (オリジナル)
11.ジッタードール / 柿チョコ・びびあん (カバー)
12.battle ballad / ALL Members (オリジナル