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OP&ED Singles – Original Soundtracks – Characters Songs – Radio CDs – Extra OST[/su_note]

Sword Art Online 2


Opening Theme:
#1: “IGNITE” by Eir Aoi



02 Brainwash
03 Utakata
04 IGNITE (TV size)





Ending Theme:
#1: “Startear” by Luna Haruna



01 Startear
02 Natsu no Koi Yohou
03 Ramune Sekai
04 Startear -TV size ver.-






Opening Theme:
#2: “ courage” by Haruka Tomatsu


01 courage
02 セパレイト・ウェイズ
03 courage (Instrumental)






Ending Theme:
#2: & #3 “Shirushi / No More Time Machine” by LiSA


[Regular Edition]
01 シルシ
02 No More Time Machine
03 crossing field -English ver.-
[Limited Edition]
03. シルシ Istrumental
04 No More Time Machine Istrumental





Sword Art Best Collection [Download]

Bonus CD Vol.1 Character Song [Download]

Bonus CD Vol.2 Character Song [Download]

Bonus CD Vol.3 Character Song [Download]

Bonus CD Vol.4 Character Song [Download]

Bonus CD Vol.5 Character Song [Download]

Bonus CD Vol.6 Character Song [Download]

Bonus CD Vol.7 Charater Song [Download]

Original Soundtrack 1 [Download]

Original Soundtrack 2 [Download]

Sword Art Online: Lost Song Theme Song [Download]

Sword Art Online: Lost Song Ending Theme Song [Download]

Lost Song Soundtrack [Download]






Sword Art Online OP Single – Yume no Sekai

[Download] TVアニメ『ソードアート・オンライン』 ED – Yume no Sekai

Artist: Haruka Tomatsu

1. Yume no Sekai
2. Issai Gassai
3. Yume no Sekai (Instrumental)




Sword Art Online OP Single – Crossing Filed

[Download] LiSA – crossing field

[MP3/320kbs] (Regular Edition ver)

  1. crossing field
  2. Itsuka no Tegami
  3. KiSS me PARADOX
  4. crossing field -Instrumental-


Download ZP / Mirrors


Sword Art Online OP2 Single –  INNOCENCE

[Download] Sword Art Online (ソードアート・オンライン ) Opening 2 Theme – INNOCENCE

Artist: Aoi Eir

[MP3/320kbs] [Anime Version]  + [Scans]


2. Velvet Tears
3. dear brightness
4. INNOCENCE (TV Size Ver.)


Download/ 1F / HS / Mirrors


Sword Art Online ED2 Single – Overfly 

[Download] Sword Art Online (ソードアート・オンライン)  Ending 2 Single – Overfly

Artist: Haruna Luna  (春奈るな)

[MP3/320kbs] (Anime Ver)


1. Overfly
2. 祈り
3. 魔法の城、真実の書物。
4. Overfly (TV size ver.)

Download ZP  / Mirrors

 Sword Art Online – Bonus CD 1 「My Independent Destiny」 Asuna (CV: Haruka Tomatsu)



1. My Independent Destiny
2. My Independent Destiny ~instrumental~


Sword Art Online Bonus CD Vol.2 Character Song (Sachi & Silica)





1 Memory Heart Message
2 ☆Lovely Super Idol☆
3 Memory Heart Message -Instrumental-
4 ☆Lovely Super Idol☆ -Instrumental-

Download MFMirrrors


Sword Art Online Bonus CD Vol.3 Character Song Lisbeth




01. Cheer! Tear? Cheer!!
02. Cheer! Tear? Cheer!! -Instrumental-


Download ZP / Mirrors


  Sword Art Online – Original Soundtrack Vol.1 [BD04]


01 swordland
02 feel uneasy
03 everyday life
04 quiet strain
05 no way
06 stand at bay
07 weird place
08 survive the swordland
09 taut nerves
10 a tense situation 11 a strategy meeting
12 in your past
13 march down
14 left in suspense
15 we have to defeat it
16 at our parting
17 confront battle
18 at our parting ~piano only
19 luminous sword
20 at our parting ~Vc only
21 a close battle
22 a tender feeling
23 a narrow escape
24 he rules us
25 fight!
26 a tiny love
27 smile for me
28 gracefully
29 a squabble
30 with my friend
31 the first town
32 at nightfall
33 despaired



 Sword Art Online Bonus Vol.5 Character Song YUI





01. I know ”ai”

02.I know ”ai” (Instrumental)


Sword Art Online Bonus CD Vol.6 (Character Song Suguha Kirigaya



01. Face to You

02. Face to You (Instrumental)



Sword Art Online Original Soundtrack 2

 [Download] Sword Art Online Original Soundtrack 2

TVアニメ「ソードアート・オンライン Blu-ray第7巻特典CD オリジナルサウンドトラック(OST) Vol.2




01 swordland ~to be continued
02 friendly feelings
03 sorrowfully
04 critical phase
05 victory
06 a new world of fairies
07 fly higher and faster
08 in time of peace
09 fly, if you can
10 fight with a devil
11 she is still sleeping
12 past sadness
13 is this love?
14 town in the morning
15 climbing up the world tree
16 I wonder
17 Yui
18 is this love? ~piano only ver.
19 Oberon
20 in the cage
21 got to win
22 aerial fight
23 false king
24 last flight
25 reconciliation
26 dance with me
27 aincrad


Download OST New Rip by Aoi Satoshi

Sword Art Online Bonus CD Vol. 8Character Song – Leafa & Kirito

[Download] Sword Art Online Character Song – Leafa & Kirito 「Sky The Graffiti /Sword & Soul」

ソードアート・オンライン 8




1. Sky The Graffiti/ リーファ(竹達彩奈)2

2. Sword & Soul/ キリト(松岡禎丞)

3. Sky The Graffiti -Instrumental-

4. Sword & Soul -Instrumental-



Sword Art Online Bonus CD Vol.9 Character Song Kirito

[Download] Sword Art Online Bonus CD Vol.9 Character Song Kirito

 ソードアート・オンライン 9

Artist: Kirito (CV:Matsuoka Yoshitsugu)



1.Sing All Overtures

2. Sing All Overtures (Istrumental)




 Sword Art On Air vol.1




Sword Art On Air vol.2




Sword Art Online Extra Edition Theme Song Niji no Oto

藍井エイル – 虹の音 [Download]


Sword Art Online Extra Edition Theme Song Niji no Oto



1. 虹の音
2. ユメセカイ
3. INNOCENCE(Live at 渋谷公会堂)
4. 虹の音(TV size ver.)
5. 虹の音(Instrumental)



password: amane-kun


Sword Art Online EX Editon Bonus CD Heart Sweet Heart Yui (CV: Kanae Ito)

「ソードアート・オンラインExtra Edition」キャラクターソング「Heart Sweet Heart」

Sword Art Online Extra Edition Bonus CD Yui Heart Sweet Heart (CV: Kanae Ito)

[MP3/320K/BK] Release [2014.04.23]



01. Heart Sweet Heart
02. Heart Sweet Heart -Instrumental-