As you might have noticed, our account was banned due to copyright issues, so about 30% of the links are down (this includes the following categories; Vocaloid, game music, doujin, J-music and some discs from 2015.) We’ve saved all the links from the Anime list, Utaite, everything from 2016 -2017 and 18, Otome CDs and the majority of the forum links. The site will operate the same as before with a few changes however.:

01. We won’t use Googledrive, MEGA, Mediafire for music from the following record labels:

  • AICL Sony Music Associated Records
  • TFCC Toys Factory
  • VTCL victor Entertainment
  • AVCD Avex Trax
  • SRCL Sony Records
  • ESCL Epic Records
  • SEXL SME Records
  • AZCS Amuse Soft Entertainment
  • KSCL Ki/oon Records
  • LACA Lantis

This list will only apply to J-Music (Artist CD Albums, Singles), however you will be able to access Googledrive or MEGA links in the Hikarinoakari Discord or Forum.

The servers we will use for J-Music is as follows: only

02. We no reupload links adfly suspended so.. dont try please.

03. Forum Registration will now only be available in the Discord Server FOR NEW MEMBERS ONLY (if u already have account do not do anything) (More info is in the guide for new users)

04. The new music list for the next season will be uploaded soon.

05. The Hikarinoakari Twitter will only upload Anime music, games or Otome CDs.

08. We will be using the rule ‘Promotion only’ for J-Music CDs, and we will not re-upload any J-Music link that will be lost in the future.

Thank you very much for the understanding. We believe that we were targeted by the record companies due to our popularity, despite the fact that we are not the first in browser searches. Finally, if something like this happens once again, the site will definitely close.