SHE LOVES YOU / オムニバス (Download) 

This compilation includes songs selected under the editorship of YUI, and also includes a Bossa Nova-like self cover of “CHE.R.RY” by YUI. Participating artists are miwa, Negoto, SCANDAL, Shoko Nakagawa, Kylee, Stereopony, Ayaka Ide, Eir Aoi, joy, Goose house, Miku Sawai, and Dancing Dolls.

(MP3/320K) Release (2012.10.24)

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1.How crazy / SCANDAL
2.Tomorrow’s way / ねごと
3.Good-bye days / miwa
4.LIFE / Goose house
5.Rolling star / 中川 翔子
6.Namidairo / 井手 綾香
7.My Generation / Kylee
8.again / ステレオポニー
9.I remember you / 沢井 美空
10.HELLO / Dancing Dolls
11.GLORIA / 藍井エイル
12.feel my soul / joy
13.CHE.R.RY ~ Bossa Live Version ~ / YUI