[Download] Kotonoha no Niwa [OST] [Complete]

Theme Song / Soundtrack


Kotonoha no Niwa Soundtrack CD

 [Download] 言の葉の庭 サウンドトラックCD  



01. A Rainy Morning ~Main Title~
02. Greenery Rain
03. Rain Of Recollection
04. While Hearing Sound Of Rain
05. A Silent Summer
06. The Afternoon Of Rainy day
07. A Rainy Morning ~Epilogue~ 



Kotonoha no Niwa Theme Song Rain

[Download] 秦 基博 – 言ノ葉

 New single from Motohiro Hata used as image song and ending theme for “Koto no Ha no Niwa”, the latest theatrical anime directed by Makoto Shinkai!

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1. 言ノ葉
2. Rain
3. Girl (Tomita Lab. Remix)
4. 言ノ葉 (Backing Track)
5. Rain (Long Ver.) -Extra Track-