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Itou Kashitarou (伊東歌詞太郎,), formerly known as weezer, is a singer-songwriter and utaite known for his strong, clear, “refreshing”, and earnest-sounding voice, with a narrow, almost quavering vibrato. Although this distinct vibrato is occasionally described as being fluttery and slightly “peculiar”, his voice is commonly considered to be “warm” and pleasant to listen to. He is a technically sound singer, capable of hitting notes cleanly and effortlessly as well as having a decent vocal range; he is also very good at controlling his singing volume.  His first upload was in fact not a cover, but an original VOCALOID song titled “Namida ga Koboreru Mae ni” Nv using Hatsune Miku, after which he was given the -P honorific and dubbed FuwamokoP (ふわもこP).


Edit [2014.06.16]


my little white cat



  1. “Yurufuwa Jukai Girl” (Slack-Fluffy Woodland Girl)
  2. “Bokura no Let it Be” (Our Let It Be)
  3. “Setsuna Plus” (Momentary Plus)
  4. “Coca-Cola Time”
  5. “Sayoko”
  6. “Children Record”


Onkochishin (by Itowokashi)


1. “Sayonara no Kawari ni” (Instead of Goodbye)
2. “Share, We Are”
3. “Kimi Shinita Mou Koto Nakare”
4. “Sanso no Umi” (Sea of Oxygen)
5. “START”

Kishou Tenketsu (by Itowokashi)


1. “Yakusoku”
2. “Re;MilkyWay”
3. “Kakera”
4. “Usotsuki da, Boku wa”
5. “Tomoshibi”
6. “Natsu no Nioi”
7. “Hoshiai”
8. “walk”


1st Album Ichii Senshin



1. “Pierrot”
2. “Kimi no Oto”
3. “One Step Ahead” Nv (Original)
4. “Melancholic”
5. “Shiwa”
6. “Yuudachi no Ribbon”
8. “Kuusou Dice” (Original)
9. “rebirthday” (Original)
10. “Calc.”
11. “Kuusou Forest”
12. “Hero Mask” (Original)
13. START”