This guide is made for new people navigating on the Hikarinoakari site.

Latest Change: April / June 2018

“Spreadsheets only”  this change will apply to any J-music CD (Solo artists) from this labels.

Any Jmusic “JMUSIC TAG” CDS (Solo Artist-Group & Googledrive – Mega links is only now available in the forum only now) WHY? for copyright lmao

Important & Read:

PD: This is my last season as an uploader, as I will retire after this (end of September), there will be no more updates or uploads after this season. (The page & the forum will be deleted from the internet at my request.) Please read the discord announcements about the future regarding the page. Thanks.

IF YOU WANT TO SAVE THE PAGE FOR SOME ADDITIONAL MONTHS PLEASE DEACTIVATE ADBLOCK OR ANY OTHER BLOCKER IN THE MAIN PAGE & SHORTENERS, AS THIS WILL HELP TO PAY THE PAGE, SINCE WE CAN’T RECEIVE DONATIONS ANYMORE!! & THE PAGE IS REALLY EXPENSIVE NOW . Nobody here will force you to deactivate adblock or any other blockers in your browser (you will only see 3 pop ads per day in the main page), it’s up to you guys if want to save the page or not.



Where are the Spreadsheets ?

  • The spreadsheets are only in the forum (use the searchbox) and on Discord.

Where or how can I get a registration in the forum (Discord invitation needed)?

  • The registrations are closed, and will only be open 1 day every month. The registrations will be only done through discord.

How can I get a invitation for the Hikarinoakari discord?

  • The same days as the registration days. [Discord invitation will be up in the comments only (Read the first comments)]

Will you be using Facebook or twitter for release information?

How will I get the updates for the new releases?

  • You can be notified via RSS or the subscription button from your browser.

Will you re-upload any suspended links?

  • NO: Any suspended links will not be re-uploaded anymore.


[Next discord link Invitation: September 04]



[Forum Users] Copyright CDs INFO & Guide – Forum

Register are closed , Join Discord for “Free Registration” (channel #forum Registration)

  1. i can’t see the links/where is the links?

You need to use the botton reply (down)

2. next post something in the box and clic in the botton “post”, after post the messege, you can see now the links and download.

Unfortunately we have a strong copyright things, here this is the only way to above links broken or account suspended, i hope you guys can understand the problems with Label here..


1: if u what make a Request go here.

Sub1: Request available only in the forum or discord.

2: The password is no written in the post? what is the password

Sub1: my personal files, purchased CD are locked with passwords. i put the passwords in the disqus comments. go down “the last box in the end from the post ,  and the read the description.

Sub2: the password are written in 1 to 5 days max. if u asking for password in the chat u are banned to.

The global password for all files is:

password ksteven files: kopimi

3: what is the release from xxx CD?

Sub1: Read the upcoming list

Another Releases use vgmdb

4: Some CD dont have links? where is the links? [Available in DC?]

if you are member from “Discord” u can have exclusive CDs only available there. leave a messege in the Memmbers CD channel . and i give u the links soon. [Download Discord Program and join now)

5:FLAC Format Available

6: if u need a FLAC Version or Hi-res version for any CD HERE (ANIME Releated only) Pm me in the Discord channel (only for members) this site sharing MP3 only but i have every cd from the seasons anime in the FLAC format.