(C89) Japanese Stream Hardcore Vol.6 (MP3 320KB)

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Japanese Stream Hardcore Vol.6 (Download)

File Size: 174.4 MB (MP3 320KB)

 Release (2015.12) / Event: Comiket Market (C89)

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[su_tabs][su_tab title=”Tracklist“]01 Practical Experience.mp3
02 Hades.mp3
03 Ultimate Showstopper.mp3
04 Intoxication.mp3
05 Part of Plan.mp3
06 Voice of Screech.mp3
08 Metal Bat.mp3
09 Fucking Hell Of Outside.mp3
10 Gloaming beats.mp3
11 Break The Devil’s.mp3
12 uNdEr uNdEr.mp3
13 Critical Level.mp3


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