01 晒し首
02 無限の住人
03 地獄
04 蛮カラ一代記
05 莫迦酔狂ひ
06 もっこの子守唄
07 刀と鞘
08 辻斬り小唄無宿編
09 宇宙遊泳
10 黒猫

Blade of the Immortal Image Album: Mugen no Juunin / NINGEN ISU 無限の住人 / 人間椅子

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Image album for the TV anime “Mugen no Juunin.” This album was originally released in 1996, and is reissued in commemoration of their song is featured as a new intro theme song for the second season of the anime. Features remastering, derived from the original master tapes.