Amagami SS / Amagami SS+ plus [OST] (Music Collection)

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Cheack [2015.10.13]
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Amagami SS

Amagami SS OP01 – i LovePosted Image
Artist : azusa

Amagami SS OP02 – Kimi no Mama de

Posted Image

Artist : azusa


Amagami SS ED01 Single – Kimi no Hitomi ni Koishiteru

Posted Image

Artist : Shizuka Itou


Tracklist :

Disc 1

1. Kimi no Hitomi ni Koishiteru

2. Hana

3. Kimi no Hitomi ni Koishiteru (Instrumental)

4. Hana (instrumental)Disc 2

1. She�s walking with flowers

2. The First feeling

3. Character Monologue

Amagami SS ED02 Single – Kitto Ashita wa…

Posted Image

Artist: Satou Rina


Disc 1

1. Kitto Ashita wa…

2. Kaze ni Fukarete

3. Kitto Ashita wa… (Instrumental)

4. Kaze ni Fukarete (Instrumental)Disc 2

1. Her heart is jumping around

2. Girl’s talk

3. Character Monologue

Amagami SS ED03 Single – Anata Shika Mie nai

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Artist: Konno Hiromi


DISC011. Anata Shika Mie nai


3. Anata Shika Mia nai (Instrumental)

4. KEEPING SMILE (Instrumental)


1. A little bird on my hand

2. Walking along, shining along

3. Character Monologue

Amagami SS ED04 Single – Koi wa Mizuiro

Posted Image

Artist : Haruka Nanasaki (CV: Yukana)


DISC0101. Koi wa Mizuiro

02. minamo

03. Koi wa Mizuiro (Instrumental)

04. minamo (Instrumental)

DISC02 (Original Sound Track&Character Monologue)

01. Swimming in the wind (Original Sound Track)

02. Sweet actually (Original Sound Track)

03. Character Monologue


Amagami SS ED05 Single – Koi wa Aserazu

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Artist: Shintani RyoukoTracklist:

Disc 1

1. Koi wa Aserazu

2. Hoshi

3. Koi wa Aserazu (Instrumental)

4. Hoshi (Instrumental)

Disc 2

1. Spicy or spacy

2. Before saying good night

3. Character Monologue

Amagami SS ED06 Single – Nageki no Tenshi

Posted Image

Artist: Nazuka Kaori


Disc 1

1. Nageki no Tenshi

2. White or Black?

3. Nageki no Tenshi (Instrumental)

4. White or Black? (Instrumental)Disc 2

1. Sunny side of her smile

2. Her sealed passion

3. Character Monologue

Amagami SS ED07 Single – Koi No Yukue

Posted Image

Artist : Risa Kamizaki (CV: Mai Kadowaki)


1. Koi No Yukue

2. Pandora No Koi

3. He is All She Can See

4. Koi No Yukue (off vocal)

5. Pandora No Koi (off vocal)

Amagami SS ED08 Single – Suteki Na Aru Hi

Posted Image

Artist : Miya Tachibana (CV: Kana Asumi)


1. Suteki Na Aru Hi

2. Anone

3. Like A Black Cat

4. Suteki Na Aru Hi (off vocal)

5. Anone (off vocal)

Amagami SS Character Image Songs – For You…

Posted Image

Artist : VA.

Tracklist:1. Wonderful Days

2. Omoi no Kaze wa Doko Made mo

3. Love Scene

4. Present

5. Shiawase no Sunahama

6. Sweet Message

7. I Believe

8. stories

Amagami SS Original Soundtrack

Posted Image

Tracklist:1. Dedicated to the birds

2. Flower of life

3. The place I met you

4. Dog and flowers

5. After the shower

6. Secret motion

7. She’s walking with flowers

8. The distance

9. You are so sunshine

10. Melody of a lachrymal gland

11. Elephant dance

12. The first feeling

13. Glamorous switch

14. Swimming in the night air

15. Her heart is jumping around

16. Close encounters of the third kind

17. Girl’s talk

18. Cabbage’s tears

19. A beautiful lie

20. A crescent moon in the daylight

21. After all

22. A labyrinth of love

23. Green tea for two

24. Perspective of a toy poodle

25. Stand up! My soul!

26. The reincarnation of Queen

27. The heartbeat you never know

28. Orange clover

29. Rose drawn in sumi

30. Remember today

31. A little bird on my hand

32. Thousands of miracles

33. My blue galaxy


Artist : Shizuka Ito, Rina Satou, Hiromi Konno, Yukana, Ryoko Shintani, Kaori Nazuka, Mai Kadowaki, Kana Asumi


01 Kimi no Hitomi ni Koishiteru

02 Hana

03 Ashita wa Kitto…

04 Kaze ni Fukarete

05 Anatashika Mienai


07 Koi wa Mizuiro

08 minamo

09 Koi wa Aserazu

10 Hoshi

11 Nageki no Tenshi

12 White or Black?

13 Koi no Yukue

14 Pandora no Koi

15 Suteki na Aruhi

16 Ano ne



Amagami SS Plus

Amagami SS+ OP Single – Check my soul

Artist : azusa


1. Check my soul

Amagami SS+ ED Single – Kokuhaku

Artist : azusa


1. Kokuhaku