AKABEiSOFT2 10th Anniversary Orchestra Arrange あかべぇそふとつぅ 10周年記念ベストソングCD オーケストラアレンジver. (Download)

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Release (2015.02.18) / Catalog Number XXXX

Sorry i dont have this file anymore.

Performed by Rekka Katakiri, Yui Sakakibara, kala, Marika, Ayane, Hiromi Sato, Haruka Shimotsuki



01.魂響-All at the Overture(魂響)
02.幻想の城-Apocalyptic Symphony(暁の護衛 罪深き終末論)
03.絆-“R” symphonic jazz “T”(るいは智を呼ぶ)
04.Answer-Symphonic “Lucifer”(G線上の魔王)
05.Close Your Eyes-Symphonic “Spring”(G線上の魔王)
06.夏のファンタジア-Sinsemillia Orchestra(黄昏のシンセミア)
07.Call to me,Call for you-Symphonic Vacation(LOVELY×CATION2)
08.紅空恋歌- Orchestra of Sunflower(車輪の国、向日葵の少女)
09.Re;call-beloved your sounds“s”(できない私が、くり返す。)
10.Together-Symphonic is over(暁の護衛)