Aimer – broKen NIGHT / holLow wORlD (Download) 

PS Vita Game Fate/hollow ataraxia OP & ED – Insert Song broKen NIGHT/holLow wORlD/Open The Doors 

(MP3/320K) Release (2014.12.17)

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01. broKen NIGHT (PS Vitaゲーム「Fate/hollow ataraxia」OPテーマ)
02. holLow wORlD (PS Vitaゲーム「Fate/hollow ataraxia」挿入歌)
03. Open The Doors (PS Vitaゲーム「Fate/hollow ataraxia」EDテーマ)
04. my sweetest one ((株)A.T.brides すぐ婚navi TV-CMソング)
05. broKen NIGHT (Fate/hollow ataraxia Edit)
06. holLow wORlD (Fate/hollow ataraxia Edit)
07. Open The Doors (Fate/hollow ataraxia Edit)
08. broKen NIGHT (Instrumental)