20th Anniversary Tales of Orchestra Concert Album (Download)

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 Release (2016.03.09) / Catalog Number WPCL-12310

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 Features songs and BGM in orchestra version recorded during “Tales of” game 20th anniversary concert.  by Tokyo Philharmonic Orchestra

01: Tales of Zestiria
02: Tales of Phantasia
03: Tales of Xillia 2, Tales of Destiny, Tales of Phantasia, Tales of Rebirth, Tales of Destiny 2
04: Tales of Eternia
05: Tales of Xillia
06: Tales of Symphonia
07: Tales of Innocence
08: Tales of Hearts
09: Tales of Graces
10: Tales of Legendia
11: Tales of Zestiria
12: Tales of Zestiria
13: Tales of the Abyss
14: Tales of Zestiria
15: Tales of Destiny



01 Sorey’s Theme ~Purity~
02 The Dream Will Not Die ~The Spilling Drops of Time~
03 “Tales of” Boss Battle Medley: For the sake of mutual proof /Lion-Irony of fate/DECISIVE/Scutum – decisive battle/COUP DE GRBCE
05 Captivated by the Journey
06 Starry Heavens
07 The End of a Nightmare, But Still in the Middle of a Dream ~ This Advancement Will Not Be Stopped *Medley
08 Richea’s Lullaby
09 Royal Capital ~Majestic Grandeur~
10 A Firefly’s Light
11 “Tales of Zestiria” Trial Shrines Medley: Testing the Passionate Bonds/Competing with the Honor of the Land/The Melody of Water Will Lead the Way/Struggle Between the Wind and Twinkling Sky
12 Journey’s End
13 mirrors ~ meaning of birth *
15 Yume de Aru you ni



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