Tales of OST (Music Collection)

talesofasteria1Tales of OST (Music Collection)

Soundtracks – Theme Songs – OP&ED – Ovas – BEST – Concert

All files in MP3/320k incluyed scans/Booklet. [18GB total]

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Soundtracks [Games&Anime]

+Tales of Destiny 2 OST ——-
+Tales of Destiny OST (PS2 Version) ——-
+Tales of Eternia Remaster Audio OST ——-
+Tales of Graces OST ——-
+Tales of Hearts OST ——-
+Tales of Innocence OST – Another Innocence
+Tales of Legendia OST
+Tales of Phantasia – Narikiri Dungeon X OST
+Tales of Rebirth OST
+Tales of Symphonia – Knight of Ratatosk OST
+Tales of Symphonia OST
+Tales of the Tempest OST
+Tales of the World : Radiant Mythology OST
+Tales of the World : Radiant Mythology 2 OST
+Tales of Symphonia -The Animation- ~Sylvarant Songs~
+Tales of the Abyss TV Animation OST
+Tales of Vesperia OST
+Tales of VS. OST
+Tales of Xillia OST [CD1 / CD2 / CD3 / CD4] +Tales of Xillia 2 OST—–
+Tales of Zestiria Original Soundtrack

+Tales of Bersia OST
+Tales Zestria X Animation OST / Dramas CD


Theme Song – OP/ED [Game & Anime]

+Tales of Phantasia PS ED Single – Hoshi wo Sora ni… (Moonlight Version)——-
+Tales of Destiny PS OP Single – Yume de Aru you ni [DEEN]——-
+Tales of Eternia -the animation- OP&ED Single – Sora ni Kakeru Hashi——-
+Tales of the Abyss ED Single – Bouken Suisei [Kurumi Enomoto]——-
+Tales of the Abyss Image Song Album – brilliant world ——-
+Tales of the Abyss -OP Theme Song- supernova~Karma [BUMP OF CHICKEN]——-
+Tales of Hearts Theme Song Single – Eien no Ashita [DEEN] ——-
+Tales of the World : Radiant Mythology Theme Song with you feat.Me [Back-On]——-
+Tales of Innocence OP ED Single – Follow the Nightingale [KOKIA] ——-
+Tales of Innocence R -OP Theme- New Day, New Life [KOKIA] ——-
+Tales of Symphonia OVA THE ANIMATION OP ED Single – ALMATERIA ~Vocal Mix~ / Negai
+Tales of Symphonia OVA THE ANIMATION TETHE’ALLA Episode ED Single – Inori no Kanata [Akiko Shikata] ——-
+Tales of Symphonia The Animation OVA Darega Tame no Sekai [Akiko Shikata]——-
+Tales of Symphonia The Animation OVA Ho N To U So/ Su Ki Ra I- [Me] ——-
+Tales of Symphonia OVA THE ANIMATION OP Theme Tenkuu no Canaria [Nana Mizuki]——-
+Tales of Vesperia Theme Song Single – Kane wo Narashite [BONNIE PINK] ——-
+Tales of VS. Theme Song Single – Be your wings [GIRL NEXT DOOR]——-
+Tales of Graces Theme Song Single – Mamoritai ~White Wishes~ [BoA]——-
+Tales of Xillia OP Single FIVE [Ayumi Hamasaki] ——-
+Tales of Xillia 2 Theme Songs Album – Love [Ayumi Hamasaki] ——-
+Tales of Asteria Theme Song Single [BONNIE PINK]——-
+Tales of the Rays Theme Song Single [Alexandros]——-
+Tales of Zestiria Theme Song White Light [Superfly] (link fixed)——-
+Tales of Zestiria X Animation ED Single Calling [fhana]——-

+Tales of Zestiria the X OP Single FLOW – Kaze no Uta/BURN
+Tales of Zestiria the X S2 ED FLOW – INNOSENSE
+Tales of Zestiria the X OP2 Minami – illuminate


Other CDs

+Tales Of Series Battle Arrange Tracks ——-
+The Best of Tales——-
+20th Anniversary Tales of Orchestra Concert Album——-

+ Tales Orchesta 2016