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  • Hikari no Akari 2010-2016


    PD: This page speek English & Spanish
    PD: Esta Página habla español y ingles


    Why some links redict to the forum? 
    The forum is part from page dont worry lol
    How to download Music From the forum? Copyright links & Music Sharing for another users

    : Register

    : Login

    Or register with a social network like facebook or Google+



    – You need to reply here to see the download Links
    – Necesitas comentar para ver los links


    Copyright CDs from Pony Canyon & Lantis : http://www.forumhikarinoakariost.info/index.php/board,6.0.html


    Buy songs in the itunes Store


    i have access to the itunes store japan u need a song or single u can donate… and im buy the CD for you [more information here]


    About the bitrate (quiality from the files)


    320K CRB (real 320k quality)

    V0 / VRB is varialbe bits 245-265

    AAC / Itunes (Original File from itunes stores)

    BK / Booklet ( Scans from the CD)

    FLAC (High Quality Format) the sound is better and the size is big

    CUE / TAK / WAV (original format)

    DVDISO (DVD from the CDs incluyed music videos or lives) need a proper program




    password Ksteven files

    password: kopimi


    Password from ost colletion & Others CDs

    all password are already written in “letters in red” in the end of the post or in the beginning of the post. The password are written to in the comments (disqus)




    No links in the post? Thank you Botton
    my links , my rips and my purchases we only unlock with the botton “thank you” after the tracklist. click then.
    i put the links from the cd when it comes to that number.
    Block Ads from adfly / Blank page (unable to open links) 
    Istall Ublock for blocking ads.
    if u want to support the page to purchased more disc in the future turn off.
    BLANK pages Adfly tips:
    1.Use a vpn program or holavpn.
    2.Use another browser Firefox.Chrome or Edge.
    3.Disable any blocker istalled in your Browser.
    Links Broken? Reupload?




















    Support Download


    Download embedupload & Mirrorcreator (Mirrors Links)


    1. Click [Download] Zippyshare , MEGA , Mirrors , Solidfiles etcs

    2. —Skip Adfly
    —Waiting For 5 Second, And Click SKIP AD in the top right corner 


    adf.ly Protection Links  

     English (waiting 5 seconds & skip )

    Spanish (Espera los 5 segundos y Salta la publicidad)


    English (Choose the site you want to download)

    Spanish (Escoge el servidor de donde quiera descargar)



    Mirror Creator


    Download From Hullshare (Anime List Parcial) (clic in the name and download)


     Download from Zippyshare (clic in download now)


    Download Files from Mega


    Download Files from Mediafire


    Filesfm (clic in Download)


    Download From Solidfiles (clic direck Link)


    Download from Gett (clic in download)


    Usercloud (Clic in download)


    4shared (clic in download)

    (u need a free account to download the file, or login with facebook,google+ etc) (clic in download and wait 60 seconds and the download start automatically)


    How Download Links to Baidu ?


    1 Put the password in the space in blank (4 digits) and clic in the blue icon.


    2. Clic in the icon to download – next clic in white icon.



    2015 (Some links from baidu need to make a accout)


    go to https://pan.baidu.com/ and register

    step1 register button http://i.imgur.com/9kx63ih.jpg

    step2 register http://i.imgur.com/ZlERMDG.jpg

    step3 (verified ur email and cofirmail ur email) ok u have ur baidu accout ^^


    Opcional and faster downloads  Use the Internet Download Mananger to download this files ^^






    General questions



    1- How  unzip files?

    All files are decompressed with win rar 5.0 or winzip .

    2- Play this files mp3,m4a,cue, ?

    All these formats can be played in foolbar , Windows Media Player or Itunes

    3 – How rename the files ? problems with this names â–{^ˆ»;  ?

    You can edit the tracks names,cover arts, artist, etc with mp3tag program.

    4 –  the password does not work D:.

    Write the password, do not copy and paste

    5.  The link does not work ? u can fix the link

     Used the report links broken



    1 ¿Cómo descomprimir archivos?
    Todos los archivos se descomprimen con win rar 5.0 o winzip.

    2 ¿Cómo reproducir este mp3 arhivos, m4a, cue,?
    Todos estos formatos se pueden reproducir en foolbar, Windows Media Player o iTunes

    3 ¿Cómo cambiar el nombre de los archivos? ???? problemas con este nombre â-{^ »;?

    Los puede editar los nombres de las pistas, portada, artista, etc con el programa mp3tag.

    4 La contraseña de la contraseña no funciona D:.
    Escribe la contraseña no copiar y pegar

    5. El enlace no funciona? u puede arreglar el enlace
    puedo, pero sólo en los comentarios de dicho post






    DMCA Policity

    DMCA Policity HikarinoAkari

    This page displays records of all DMCA complaints filed by major agencies will be displayed below.

    All music links come from the internet and are for PROMOTIONAL USE only while we haven’t enough time to verify each of them. This site is not responsible for anything as it only provides links. Single/Albums are available to purchase in CDJAPAN/AMAZON. As reminder for all users, the music files should be DELETE within 24 hours.






    contact me in this address: [email protected]





    tsuba20 (tsubachan) [Admin] [Uploader]

    Ksteven [Uploader]

    Len Fan  [web designer]