SHAMAN KING OST (Music Collection)

SHAMAN KING OST シャーマンキング OST (Download)

OP&ED Character Song – Soundtracks

[MP3] [The files are in VRB] othes in 320k]

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+ OP & ED: Megumi Hayashibara: Over soul / Trust you
+ Insert Song: Brave Heart – Megumi Hayashibara
+ OP2 & ED2 : Megumi Hayashibara – Northern Lights / Omokage
+ OST: Melody of the Spirits
+ Shaman King Character Song: Vocal on Parade
+ Drama & Character Song Album Osorezan REVOIR ~au revoir~
+ Drama & Character Song Album Osorezan REVOIR ~prologue to shaman~
+ Shaman Fight on Vocal I : Yoh & Ren
+ Shaman Fight on Vocal II: Ryuu & Horo Horo
+ Shaman Fight on Vocal III: Rizerugu & Faust
+ Shaman Fight on Vocal IV: Tannu & Marco
+ Shaman Fight on Vocal V: Anna & Manta
+ Shaman Fight on Vocal VI: Chocolove & Hao

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