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    Ryo-kun (りょーくん) is an utaite who started uploading in September 2010, but is slowly gaining many fans. He is very active in uploading and makes a point to upload one or two songs per month. Ryo-kun’s voice can be classified as the boy next door type of voice – not too high and not too low.

    What may set Ryo-kun apart from other utaite is the distinct gentleness of his voice, he can do a wide variety of songs without his voice losing its softness. However, as seen in Ikemen Voice Paradise 6, his speaking voice is actually very low and deep.




    a.c.t Ryo-kun X maro.




    a.c.t 2 Ryo-kun X maro.


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     [1st Album] Re:you

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    Pass : saibanoyuujin

    [Second Album] Re:alize





    Other Colaborations



    YuchaP – QuaLia

    Covered by the utaite: Soraru, Ryo-kun, and Ito Kashitaro.



    Pass : saibanoyuujin