Request Zone [open]


    Request is move to the forum Here


    You can make request from:


    + Individual Singles , Album , Single song , (Utaite , Vocaloid , Jmusic , Doujin Album)

    PD: put the info about the CD amazon , cd japon or vgmdb source .

    + Anime Complete OST (Cheach here from OST LIST)

    + Doujin CDs , OLD Music from old & new eventS.

    not accept request from discographys!! or compilations
    no accept reuploads lol (put your request from reupload in the comments from the page "no in facebook!"
    not accept request from DVD ISOS 
    not accept request from doramas soundtrack
    Make a accout in the forum.... easy


    The Request maybe take from 2 days to 6….