Request Old Anime Music [Open until Mar 31]

Well.. winter season anime op&ed is ending now.. so i have free time to upload collection this month..


Rules from request:

  1. I take request only for anime old music [2015 – 1990] a Complete Collection  like this
  2. The links will be upload in 1 Folder in MEGA ,Yandex or Googledrive to easy access.
  3. NO JMUSIC,NO INDIVIDUAL CDS,NO NEW CDS for this,exist the request zone in the forum.
  4. Check the Anime list here (request collection they are not here)
  5. The Collection will be upload in 2-3 days.
  6. And pls ONE Anime request per person pls


Put in the Comments what Collection u want, Format only [MP3&FLAC]

“i want the the Tatami Galaxy Collection”

PD: i will mark ur comment with a number name (The order that i will put the collections)


in progress (Uploading (take 2-3 days)

Done (Upload and complete in the main page)