Remi – Aurora (Album)


Remi – Aurora (Download)

File Size: 142MB / ZIP / (MP3/320K)

 Release (2016.01.29) / Catalog Number DAKSTGR-3

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  Remi brings an album including six songs recorded with orchestra in Hungary, a progressive metal tune “Emergence,” “O Cisne e a Lua” sung in Portuguese,” and more for 14 tracks total.



1. Before the Dawn
2. Emergence
3. Lost Locus
4. Breath of Love
5. A Little Romance
6. O Cisne e a Lua
7. Loves Gone to the Sea
8. A Torch Song
9. Realize a Dream
10. Moon Glowing
11. Amarantine
12. The Pole Star
13. Aurora
14. Into My Imagination


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