Collecting Donations from May [Complete]

Hello guys im collecting the donations from May, this month we need $50 🙂

+Pay Hosting (free DMCA located in Holanda/Netherlands) [1month]

+Pay Dedicated Server. [1month]

+Pay Hosting from the forum. [1month]


[Status in progress $87,5 / $50]

$6,5 – $2 – $1 – $5 -$5 – $5 – $1 -$ 7-$5-$5-$15-$10-$5-$5-$10

 Thank you guys

The Donations must be ready before 04/05/2017 this month for extra charges or page suspendend for no pay in time.


How to donate?

Clic in Paypal Botton bellow the Upcoming Music.. on the right.


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