Collecting Donations from December [Complete] & Important Notice!!

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    Hello guys im collecting the donations from December, this month need $50 🙂

    +Pay Hosting (free DMCA located in Holanda/Netherlands)

    +Pay Dedicated Server.

    +Pay Hosting from the forum.


    [Status Complete $123 / $50]

    5 Donators, US,Rumania,South Korea,Canada,Argentina.

    The Donations must be ready before 5/12/2016 this month.

    “thanks for the support”



    December plans.

    + New music fall season and more otome CDs, Jmusic etc

    +If the donations reach more than $50, I will buy the missing CD from November 23 (Anime Only)

    PD and Important tsuba20: I think this my last month provided Japan Music :(, I do not know if this is definitive.. I will try to confirm it at the end of the month.Five Years working in the page need a break…

    How to donate?